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What is AlbaCon?

AlbaCon is a virtual Tabletop Roleplaying Game (TTRPG) Convention.
The main aims of AlbaCon are to have fun playing games and to raise money for good causes when we are doing it.

When is AlbaCon 2021?

AlbaCon 2021 is being held over the weekend of Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd October.

Can anyone take part?


While the idea originated in Scotland, AlbaCon is open to players and GMs from across the world. We welcome everyone, regardless of gender, sexuality, disability, physical appearance, body size, race or religion.

This great hobby of ours has the power to bring people from different countries and cultures together while raising money for great causes.

Our 2021 Charity Partner is Penumbra.

All proceeds from AlbaCon 2021 will go to Penumbra for them to provide suicide prevention support for teenagers & young adults across Scotland.

What is “Penumbra”?

Penumbra is one of Scotland’s largest mental health charities.

We support around 1800 adults and young people every week and employ 450 staff across Scotland.

Founded in 1985, we work to promote mental health and wellbeing for all, prevent mental ill health for people who are ‘at risk’, and to support people with mental ill health to live fulfilling lives.

We provide a wide range of services which offer hope and practical steps towards recovery, and we campaign to increase public knowledge about mental health and to influence national and local government policy.

Learn more by visiting http://www.penumbra.org.uk/ or donate by visiting https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/albacon2021

Meet Your Team Of Volunteers

AlbaCon is organised by a group of tabletop roleplaying game enthusiasts just like you.

(he / him)

Bulb has been playing and running RPGs for over 20 years.
One of his gaming highlights was GMing a Tier 4 (Level 17 to 20) table at the D&D Adventurers League Epic event at Tabletop Scotland 2018.
He has an interest in horror RPGs, writing bespoke adventures and researching the therapeutic uses of RPGs.
He lives in Dundee with his partner, four children and is lead official of the Dundee Roleplaying Club.

(he / him)

Dave has been playing RPGs since 1984 when he started out with the B of BECMI (Basic D&D).
After that he moved on to Golden Heroes, MiddleEarth Role Playing, Rolemaster, Traveller, Rifts, TMNT, Star Wars (WEG) and many more.
Currently he’s GMing 2 campaigns of Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition and running one-shots of The Expanse, Trail of Cthulhu and other games.
Dave is one of the directors of Tabletop Scotland, the largest tabletop games convention in Scotland.
He lives with his wife and daughter in the East Neuk of Fife where it is always sunny.

(she / her)

Kirsten is a newcomer to RPGs, but what she lacks in experience she make up with her infectious enthusiasm.
Despite being an only child, she loved traditional games growing up, which as an adult progressed to murder mysteries before eventually falling in love with modern board games.
Having an interest in drama the transition to role player in 2016 was an obvious fit. Primarily a 5th edition D&D player, currently in 3 regular campaigns, she hopes to begin an illustrious run as Dungeon Master in 2020 2021. She lives with her partner in the historical town of Dunfermline.

(he / him)

Mark has been playing RPGs since 1982, after being gifted a copy of the classic Tom Moldvay Basic Edition of D&D.
He gamed all through his teenage years and into his early twenties before taking a lengthy hiatus from the hobby.
He returned to the hobby in 2016 and has made up for lost time, running many a campaign for D&D, Dungeon Crawl Classics and other old school games.
He lives in East Lothian with his wife and three children.

(he / him)

Oli’s gateway to gaming was the Fighting Fantasy gamebooks.
In the mid ’80s, he devoured Fighting Fantasy – The Introductory Role-playing Game, Out of the Pit, Star Frontiers and GURPS while they were still hot.
He has loved countless RPGs including WEG Star Wars, Traveller, Golden Heroes, Savage Worlds, Marvel Super Heroes, Ars Magica, Mage and Changeling.
Currently he’s a GM and player of Cypher System, Invisible Sun, and D&D.
Oliver is also an admin for the Cypher Unlimited fan Discord server.
He resides in a lonely tower overlooking the sea, in the Kingdom of Fife.

(he / him)

Simon grew up playing video games more than physical games. He is a relative newcomer to the tabletop role playing game experience.
Having dabbled a little with Edge of the Empire he didn’t really pick up the hobby in earnest until getting involved in a D&D 5e game.
From there he’s gone from player to DM in almost no time at all and now can’t stop thinking about playing / running and thinking about writing RPGs!
Residing in St.Andrews he enjoys a quiet life away from the hustle and bustle of cities and hoarding his collection of “math rocks”.