AlbaCon 2020 Sponsors

So many amazing companies and people supported us to make 2020’s event as successful as possible.


Chaosium was founded by visionary game designer Greg Stafford in 1975. For more than forty years, Chaosium has captivated gamers, readers and mythic adventurers worldwide. Want horror? Try Call of Cthulhu. Mythic fantasy? Try RuneQuest. Swashbuckling adventure? Try 7th Sea. Arthurian legends? Try Pendragon. Epic storytelling? Try HeroQuest Glorantha.

Pelgrane Press

Founded in 2000, Pelgrane Press Ltd are devoted to making and playing tabletop roleplaying games. We publish award-winning games featuring the GUMSHOE investigative system such as Trail of CthulhuNight’s Black Agents and Timewatch, as well as the fantasy RPG 13th Age.

Handiwork Games

Handiwork Games is a UK-based games publisher, owned by industry veteran Jon Hodgson. We make roleplaying games such as; Beowulf a mythic setting for 5e, Hellenistika an exciting ancient Greek setting by legendary RPG writer Ken Hite, and a 2nd Edition of the cult favourite role-playing game A|State is back in an exciting new edition using Forged In The Dark rules.

We also make card games like The Forest Dragon and Bang & Twang.

Goodman Games

Founded in 2001 by Joseph Goodman, Goodman Games is your source for classic adventures! We are best known for our popular Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game.

Goodman Games also publishes popular titles such as Mutant Crawl Classics, Xcrawl, Fifth Edition Fantasy, and the hit Original Adventures Reincarnated series.


Pinnacle began in 1994 and are best known for their Deadlands RPG, which has now been going strong since 1996.

Pinnacle also produce various other RPGs using their Savage Worlds system know for it’s “Fast! Furious! Fun!” gameplay. Alongside RPGs, Pinnacle have partnered with Pine Box Entertainment to produce the Doomtown card game.


Syrinscape is a revolutionary sound design app that adds evocative, immersive, ambient background sound and a movie-like sound track to your tabletop RPG gaming experience. Syrinscape conjures every aural landscape imaginable, from ethereal forests and stony shorelines to dank vermin-filled dungeons and the spooky depths of the underdark.

Thanks to Syrinscape’s support, all of our GMs will be in with a chance to win subscriptions to this amazing software.

Modiphius Entertainment

Modiphius is a British Entertainment publisher partnering with global creative talent to develop unique creative properties. ​We publish roleplaying games, boardgames, miniatures, novels, cool accessories and more.

Modiphius publish RPGs like Achtung! Cthulhu, Conan, Dishonored, Infinity, John Carter Of Mars, Mutant Chronicles and Star Trek Adventures and the forthcoming DUNE Roleplaying Game.

Green Ronin

Green Ronin Publishing is a Seattle based company dedicated to the art of great games.

Since the year 2000 Green Ronin has established a reputation for quality and innovation that is second to none, publishing such roleplaying game hits as Blue Rose, The Expanse, Dragon Age, Fantasy Age, Modern Age, A Song Of Ice And Fire and their superhero RPG Mutants & Masterminds.

Rowan, Rook & Decard

Rowan, Rook and Decard make interesting games for awesome people.

We publish Heart, Spire, Honey Heist, Unbound, Goblin Quest, and many other tabletop games including a frankly disconcerting array of one-page RPGs.

Find out more and contact us directly on the Rowan, Rook and Decard website.

Cubicle 7

Cubicle 7 makes clever games for awesome people.

The multi award winning team behind Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soulbound Roleplaying Game, Warhammer 40,000 Wrath and Glory Roleplaying Game,  Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Fourth Edition, Doctor Who Roleplaying Game and many more!

All Rolled Up

All Rolled Up offers an innovative and compact way to bring your gaming to the table. Not just a dice bag – when you’re All Rolled Up you’re ready to game without needing to worry about finding all your gaming gear.

Genki Gear

Since May 2005, Genki Gear has been producing original t-shirts that stand out amongst the crowd! We have a number of influences from Japanese culture, Dungeons and Dragons, tabletop games, and science fiction and we add to it a dash of unique humour.

The Crafting Jones

In 2018, The Crafting Jones started producing handmade Geek Chic & Shabby Chic creations for you and your home and is now selling products around the world!

Dungeon Denizens

Dungeon Denizens produce bespoke RPG accessories.

Their range includes both unpainted and painted terrain & miniatures.

The Arcane Library

The rune-inscribed doors to The Arcane Library were first opened in 2017.

Since then, The Arcane Library has written bestselling D&D content that brings people together around roleplaying games and stories.

Stiff Whiskers Press

Publishers of The Dark Trails RPG, a Weird-West setting that uses the Dungeon Crawl Classics system.

Each session of Dark Trails will have your players shaking the dust out of their boots and peeking under the bed before grabbing some shut eye!

Venger’s Decks

Need encounters to run at zero notice? Looking for inspiration? Venger’s Decks are system & setting neutral and make running your game a whole lot easier and are packed with hooks, conflicts, resolutions & twists.

The Grinning Frog

Creators of the “Dungeon Master’s Adventure Pack”, a fully illustrated fantasy RPG magazine that is system-neutral so fits for ANY fantasy RPG game.

Midnight Tower

Midnight Tower produce high quality D&D 5th Edition compatible adventures.

Brittannia Game Designs

Founded in 1997, Brittannia Game Designs publish Chivalry & Sorcery the Medieval Role Playing Game, which is now in it’s 5th edition.

Verse Studios

Publishers of Arclands.

Arclands is a game changing campaign setting for 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons that features all new magic mechanics, races, classes, items, monsters and an original approach to the world’s greatest role-playing game.

Canterbury Dragons

Canterbury Dragons are a friendly, open and inclusive role-playing game (RPG) club that currently supports Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (D&D 5E) as its main system.