Guide to using the AlbaCon Discord Server

The central hub for all of the games hosted at AlbaCon is our Discord Server.

When you book your seat at one of our events you will be sent an email with how to gain access to the server.

Once there you can follow this guide to find your games and take advantage of the other elements of the convention.

New to Discord? We have you covered in the next section.

New to Discord?

Discord is an all-in-one communication (text / voice / video) package that has gained large popularity amongst gamers of all types for its voice communication quality and ease of use. Discord enables you to host the communications for multiple games at the same time.

Installing Discord

First open your browser of choice and navigate to the Discord website:

Next click on the ‘Download for Windows’ button. If you don’t use Windows there are options available for iOS, Android, Linux and Mac here:

Choose where you want to save the file to and once the download is complete open the file and follow the setup instructions within.

Creating an account

Initially you will see the screen below. Don’t have a Discord account to sign in – no problem! Click the ‘Register’ link at the bottom (highlighted in red) on the left.

Follow the instructions provided here including verifying your email address that you use to sign up.

Next up you’ll need to join the AlbaCon server using the link in your booking email.

The AlbaCon Discord Server – Finding Your Games!

The easiest way to join the AlbaCon server would be to click the invite link provided in your booking email or via your eventbrite tickets page. If you haven’t received your booking email then check for an email from AlbaCon or Eventbrite in your spam folder, if there’s nothing there then get in touch with us at and we’ll sort that out for you.

Once you click on the Discord invite link you will be taken to Discord itself and you will be asked if you want to join the server.

Once you’ve joined you’ll see a Tortoise in your message bar, that’s AlbaCarl, a Discord Bot that helps us manage the server.

Clicking on Carl opens up a message from him –

Looking at the AlbaConRPG Discord Server you can see four channels: #queue which you are in, #reception which is where you need to head to next and #roles and #troubleshooting which we’ll cover below:

In #reception you’ll see the following message which links to our Code of Conduct – – you need to agree to accepting our Code of Conduct by clicking on the OK button at the bottom of the text.

Once you have clicked on OK you will see the rest of the server.

In #roles you will find the Discord Pronoun Picker bot.

In #troubleshooting you will find our Tickets bot which you should use if you need help from any of the AlbaCon staff during the convention. Click on the “Need some help?” button and one of the team will be in contact with you to help.

If you’re looking to jump straight to your game click on the #find-your-table channel and follow the instructions in there:

Check your email to find which slot your game is in and choose the correct option from the list. Remember all times are listed in British Summer Time (BST) but there is a handy time zone converter if you’re not sure what this is in your local timezone.

Assuming you are playing a game in slot 2 you would click on the blue text ‘#slot-2-games’ which will take you to the following channel:

From here simply find your game and click on the blue link to the correct table. For this example I’m choosing the Dungeon Crawl Classics game:

This channel will be the text channel for the game and a link is provided to join the voice channel for the game as well – this is both the pinned post and in the channel header so should be easy to find.

Keep an eye on your channel and your Game Master will be in touch via this channel.

Dice Bots?

Additionally we also have some dice rolling bots which may be used in games which can be found in the channel called ‘#bot-info’:

Other Discord help?

If you need any basic help with discord there are a few guides in the ‘#discord-help’ channel which may help to reduce unwanted notifications. That said only staff can use the global tags of @here and @everyone:

Treasure Chest and Giveaways?

We are lucky to be sponsored by lots of different RPG publishers and other supporters of the convention. You can find a complete list of those on our website here –

Thanks to there support we will have a multitude of special offers and giveaways for all of our attendees. Keep an eye on the #treasure-chest and #giveaways channels for more information about those.

Last but most certainly not least, we have a channel for you to learn more about our charity Penumbra.

By running and playing games at the convention you are helping us to raise money for this amazing charity and we hope you can take some time to learn more about them by visiting the #penumbra-charity channel.