Dungeon Crawl Classics – Fire in the Mountain

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Date(s) - 03/10/2020 - 10:00 - 14:00

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Tools and Slots:

Age Restrictions & Content Tags: 12+, Fantasy, Horror (Other)

Scenario: Fire in the Mountain

RPG System: Dungeon Crawl Classics

Game Master: Daniel J. Bishop

What age bracket is the game? 12+

Pre-generated Characters Provided? Yes

Scenario Description: Urisk are a curious race, cousins to the fey but preferring to gambol through the high mountain passes, barely interested in the life and squabbles of empires and gods… which does not protect them from the struggles of dark forces! Billy the urisk found Something Left Behind in the conflict between demon-gods and Elemental Lords, and it threatens to wreak fiery destruction on the lonely mountains above Morton’s Pass.

This is a 0-level DCC funnel. You start with 4 0-level characters, and end up (hopefully) with at least one survivor. No experience with DCC is required.

Total spaces: 5
Available spaces: 0
Ticket price: £5.00

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This event is fully booked.