HistoryAlive! – Bonnie Prince Charlie: The Great Escape

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Date(s) - 03/10/2020 - 15:00 - 19:00

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Tools and Slots:

Age Restrictions & Content Tags: 12+, Comedy, Crime, Espionage, Historical, Time Travel, Victorian

Scenario: Bonnie Prince Charlie: The Great Escape

RPG System: HistoryAlive!

Game Master: Thunderdices

What age bracket is the game? 12+

Pre-generated Characters Provided? Yes

Scenario Description: Tours & Détours d’Edimbourg and Thunderdices invite you to discover Scotland and its history through HistoryAlive! and dive into the daily life of XVIIIth Highlanders!

Meet Bonnie Prince Charlie and help him escape from the Redcoats after the crushing defeat during the battle of Culloden, which put an end to the hopes of Jacobites.

During a hard journey through the wild lands of Scottish Isles, you will need to protect the Prince and find a ship to allow him to flee to France.

Travel on troubled waters, unfold plots and interact with the people who made the history of Scotland. Take part in this manhunt, for an adventure to live alone or with a team!

Through historical facts, we wish to transcript this crucial event as accurately as possible, for an immersive and authentic experience. You are about to find out that there is only a very thin limit between History and legends ! Will you save the fallen Prince?

Additional Information: HistoryAlive! is a Historical Role-Playing Game.  It is a mix of improv theatre, an audio book and a guided tour.

During a session, an actor named “Game Master” narrates a story based on a key Historical event. They introduce historical context (important dates, etc) through music, maps, engravings and photos to allow the event to take place in your imagination. But as a participant, or Player, you also become a major part of the event that is taking place!

You will play a non-magical character (doctor, soldier, etc) and your guide-storyteller embodies other characters who interact with you. While meeting new protagonists, you will also learn centuries-old ways of working, feasting, and living through these inhabitants of History.

Total spaces: 6
Available spaces: 4
Ticket price: £5.00

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