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Date/Time : Saturday 2nd October at 10:00 am - 2:00 pm BST
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Tags 21+, Adult Themes, Comedy, Fantasy, Horror (Other)

Scenario: Kill The Poor

RPG System: Mörk Borg

Game Master: Dr Tom

What age bracket is the game? 21+

Scenario Description: The End Times have come.

The Black Mass of Wåsterös climbs the Cliffs of Mür to consume all. Brothers have killed brothers, Sisters poisoned sisters. The Four are now Two and begin to rot.

The High Orgasmatrix summons you, the Dead Kennedy’s, to the Black Chapel. She seeks redemption for her Dying Bride, and it ain’t going to be any Holiday in the Sun…

A punk-death-metal murder crawl in the Apocalypse to the sounds of everything the Daily Mail warned them against. [Plus fart jokes]

Lines/Veils/X-Cards apply but this will be Mature Listening so don’t tell the Parents.

Pre-Generated Characters: Yes

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