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Date/Time : Sunday 3rd October at 1:00 am - 5:00 am BST
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Tags 18+, Adult Themes, Diceless, Ghost Story, Horror (Other), Player v Player, Storytelling, Supernatural, Thriller

Scenario: Stille Nacht

RPG System: Stille Nacht

Game Master: Kat Nelson aka ClericofKord

What age bracket is the game? 18+

Scenario Description: A small group of people gathers in a lone house in a squalid village at Germany’s North Sea coast, following a stranger’s invitation. It is Christmas Eve, 1720. These villagers have been haunted by the same spirit since a terrible flood killed more than a third of all residents three years ago. Like all the people who died that night, this spirit, too, returns to the village once a year. They come to mourn their death and to seek justice, for it was not the flood that took their life.

The Villagers know why they have been singled out. They all played a part in the brutal passing of this person. They were bystander, aide, or murderer. According to the Medium, the haunting can only be stopped if the Villagers invite the Ghost into their midst, return a sense of self to what once was a person, and confess what each of them did that night four years ago: “Honesty,” the Medium stresses, “is your only way out. You will suffer tonight, may even die, but, if you do, it is with a chance for redemption.”

However, not every Villager joins the conjuring for the sake of doing penance. They may, instead, seek the path of deception to protect themselves or someone else at the table. But lying comes at a cost and will put everyone present in danger, as each lie told stokes the Ghost’s pain and its wrath.

Additional Information: Safety Tools: Lines and Veils will be used as the safety mechanic within the game.

Sign up for this event will close on the 25th September at 20:00 BST. This is to enable a Session 0 with players to occur prior to the event itself.

Do not sign up for the event if you cannot attend a Session 0 prior to the event.

The Session 0 will occur a minimum of 3 days before the game to establish characters, connections, and secrets.

By signing up to the event you consent to having your contact information shared with the Game Master so that they can arrange the Session 0.

Players will also need to be available for a brief (approx 30 second) video call on Discord to assign roles 1 hour before game time.

This game can be emotionally intense and players should be willing to do a debrief after game either on stream or off depending on game run time.

Pre-Generated Characters: No

Event Booking opens on Wednesday 1st September at 20:00 BST. Book here.