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Date/Time : Saturday 2nd October at 8:00 pm - 11:59 pm BST
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Tags 18+, Adult Themes, Horror (Other), Player v Player

Scenario: Chosen of the Wicker Man

RPG System: Winter’s Respite

Game Master: Tanya Floaker

What age bracket is the game? 18+

Scenario Description: A one-shot RPG about small town mentality, shame, and burning someone alive to bring back the sun!

For as long as any can remember your home has held to the Old Ways. When the longest night draws near, everyone comes together by the bonfires to seek respite from the darkness. There is drinking, dancing, singing and fireworks. The eligible young adults, troubled yet pure, vie for votes so that they may be declared the Chosen of the Solstice. The Chosen is then burned alive inside a giant wicker man in order to bring back the sun!

Only the Chosen can keep this tradition alive, and only the Chosen can end it now. Which side of tradition are you on?

Additional Information: Winter’s Respite is GM-less and uses a token economy. While there are player vs player elements, it is not a cut-throat game and instead rewards us making the best narrative choices. The main cultural touchstone is The Wicker Man (1973), however any tense contemporary drama also informs play.

This game is set in modern day Scotland. There are no supernatural elements to the setting. Instead the horror is drawn from interpersonal drama and social claustrophobia. While events in this game may be humorous to us as players, we should not to stray into playing our characters as a farce. Dark/gallows humour often results from playing the game as it comes.

Winter’s Respite contains strong adult themes dealing with revelation of secrets, feelings of shame/resentment, and the coming of age.

In addition to having an X-Card we will also draw up a list of story elements that are off limits, those we will fade to black on, those we will check in with the table before adding to the story, and also those that we are eager to explore together. This will help us push the darker aspects of the scenario without causing unnecessary upset or dwelling on subject matter we find boring.

There will also be time set aside for us to talk about the game at the end. This helps us decompress from the scenario.

Pre-Generated Characters: No

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