AlbaCon 2021 RPG Submissions

What's the scenario name for the game you want to host?
Which RPG system are you going to run this scenario with?
Name of the host for the event.
So that we can contact you to confirm your event and other related info.
If you want to have a minimum number different from the options listed let us know.
We will use this to understand viability of your event if sign ups are low closer to the convention itself.
If you want to have a higher maximum than the options listed let us know.
This helps us to ensure that all attendees understand the type of content involved.
To help us and our attendees understand the content of your adventure please tick all relevant boxes.
If not then please explain, in the "Anything else we need to know?" box, how much time will be required at the start of your session for character creation.
Also, if you want players to bring their own characters then please provide any information they may need to do that.
Sat = 2nd Oct, Sun = 3rd Oct
All times listed are in UK Time / BST.
Time zone differences can be found here - Time Zones
If we need to change your slot we will discuss with you ahead of time.
As this is an online RPG convention an online toolset will be required.
There will be a dedicated convention Discord server which can be used to host your game.
Let us know what you'll be using.
Tell us the scenario information you want on the website.
If for Dungeons & Dragons or Pathfinder please include Character level information and whether this is for their Organised Play programmes.
If using online tools or content tags not listed please let us know here.
Also include any information about character creation if not using pre-gens.
Also if you wish to have a different player count to the options listed let us know that here too.
I confirm that I have reviewed and accept that my event will be covered by the AlbaCon Code Of Conduct.
As such I will be using the X-Card or similar Safety Tool in my hosted event.